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Day by day humans pollute the planet simply by existing.

All human activities produce carbon dioxide (BeO2) emissions, one of the main causes of the greenhouse effect on the atmosphere.

We all generate a carbon footprint.

maybe bigger, maybe smaller, depending on the life style we have.

This is why we must be aware and constantly question ourselves...


¿How I live?

¿What do I eat?

¿What kind of transport do I use?

¿How do I travel?

Number of flights per year


Being O2 means making peace with the planet by reducing your carbon footprint to zero and neutralizing your carbon emissions by supporting forest plantations

this is how you go from CO2 to BeO2.

Neutralize my footprint

Live a life Be O2
By following these recommendations, you can reduce your carbon footprint in the future:
Be-efficient on electric power use. With this you could reduce your footprint by up to 19%
  • Use electricity saving lighting. LED if possible.
  • Disconnect electric appliances that you are not usingMany of these devices keep consuming energy even though they are not in use.
  • In some countries there are differential rates at times that are not "peak" for example at night. These would be a great time to use appliances like your washer or dryer, as they are appliances with high energy consumption.
Awareness of electric power
-19% HC
Be efficient in your eating habits. With this you could reduce your footprint by up to 12%
  • Consume local foods, doing this you avoid the pollution generated by transporting food over long distances.
  • There is food that generates more CO2 than others in their production process. The more natural foods you consume, the more you contribute to the planet by reducing your carbon footprint.Cheer up!
Efficient Feeding Habits
HC -12%
Be efficient in waste generation. With this you could reduce your footprint by up to 23%
  • Recycle. The better you classify the waste generated at home, the better the recycling process and the lower your carbon footprint turns out to be. This is directly related to your habits. Dare to separate waste from the source!
  • When you go to the supermarket, take your own reusable bag. Many stores now sell you a bag that can be used for many years and are made from recycled materials. 
Efficiency in Waste
-23 % HC
Be efficient in your transportation habits. With this you could reduce your footprint up to 45%
  • ¡Walk or use your bike! These kind of actions reduce your carbon footprint by not generating CO2 whole being an excellent routine for your health.
  • Use your bike or your car if strictly necessary​. Furthermore it is important to keep your vehicle well, so fuel consumption is adequate.
  • Use public transport, although many of these vehicles generate significant amount of CO2, being  shared with several people, the generation of CO2 per person decreases.
Transportation Habits
-45% HC